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Coming Together

9 Dec

Family Map Interface

The Family Map Application Interface - Now with Content

The Family Map web application has really started to come together over the last few days. Currently the following content is on display at each users profile page:

  • name and location
  • weather at location
  • news data mined from keywords/user interests
  • a selection of the users last shared Flickr images
  • users latest Twitter post
  • current twitter trends based on users location (courtesy of the API)
  • interests/keywords

Apart from a lot of new content, many application features have been added since the last update and the following stands out:

  • abstract news story expands down with animation on header click (using Collapser jQuery plugin)
  • individual scrolling of left and right panel in users profile even works with multitouch (thanks to iScroll)
  • lightbox style display of images and even original news source websites inside an iframe (using Fancybox)
  • custom and layout matching scroller styling (for webkit browsers)

The following video should give a general idea of the current status: