YellowJacket has Internet (and runs a webserver)

8 Dec

The YellowJacket runs a webserver where one can (in the example picture shown below) turn on and off pictures on the OLED Display. The YellowJacket also enables a vibrator when a picture is showed, to provide feedback to the user that a pictures is being displayed. It was easy to connect the YellowJacket to a locally created wireless network connection, but in that case it had no Internet access (which is necessary to be reached from anywhere). The problem was that in school, the WLAN’s require special login information, which the YellowJacket can’t handle. The problem was solved by bringing a router which could share the school’s Internet connection. Still though, the YellowJacket supports encryption, so WPA2 encryption was used to avoid intruders in the network.

Now, with a working Internet connection, the YellowJacket can be reached from everywhere in the world (where an Internet connection exists, of course).

An example of  a connection made with the YellowJacket’s webserver. The red circle shows that picture 3 is turned on.


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