“Bracelet” components together and working

8 Dec

Now all components seem to work together! The picture below shows everything for the “bracelet” thing, except a missing push button. A Li-Po battery gives power to the circuit, but since it only provides about 4V and both the display and the YellowJacket needs 5V, a voltage booster is used. Out of the voltage booster, a stable 5V supply is fed into the YellowJacket and the OLED Display. The vibrator runs at about 3V (with help of a resistor). The FTDI programmer will not be attached to the “bracelet”, but is needed when programming the YellowJacket device.

Next, a push button will be added and then everything should be put together in a more compact way…

An overview of all components  of the “bracelet” (except for a missing push button).


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