OLED Display testing

23 Nov

Late yesterday I finally got the OLED display to work properly. Two things made it annoying and difficult:

1. To put pictures on the uSD card (to be inserted into the display unit) one needed a specific program (Graphics Composer), otherwise the display can’t show them. No matter what I did it refused to upload the pictures. After a lot of searching I found out that the company responsible for that program had a lot of trouble with it to work on newer OS’s (Vista, Windows 7, independently if 32 or 64 bits). Fortunately, I had another computer with Windows XP where it worked perfectly… ANNOYING!

2. An Arduino library for the display existed, but unfortunately wasn’t completely finished. The specific function I needed was to display stored images from a uSD card, and this function was implemented wrong…

Later on I got everything to work!

The Arduino Nano controls what to display (in this case which picture, for how long, etc) through serial communication to the display device. Pins connected are Voltage (3-6V), GND, RESET, TX and RX.

Since the resolution is quite low, 128×128 pixels, it’s of course not perfect in any meanings. However, the picture is clear and will work pretty well in this project.



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